Resident FAQ

Resident FAQs

I put my trash out, why didn’t anyone come to collect it?

Most likely you either took the trash out to late or brought it back in too early.  Typically, our routes start promptly at 8PM, and sometimes go as late as 2AM (although we are usually finished much sooner). Trash must be inside the provided container and/or adhere to the guidelines in the Resident Brochure.

I followed the instructions in the Resident Brochure and my trash was still not collected!

We are so sorry!  Please call us Toll Free at (855) 877-5418 so that we can document the issue and get it resolved, our Resident Line is open 24 hours a day.  You can also email us at

Why is there a violation tag on my door?!

Violation tags are used as a friendly reminder of the collection rules/procedures, so our service can run smoothly.  Although it is at your community’s discretion, most first Violations are simple warnings and fines are typically not assessed.  However, when violation reminders or other measures don’t produce the desired results, many communities do issue fines. All fines are issued by and paid directly to your leasing office. If you have a question about a fine you have received, please contact your leasing office.

Why did you put a tag on my door for leaving my container outside?

Since we want your community looking its best all the time, your community manager has requested that all trash cans be brought back inside before 9AM. If your daily commitments do not allow you to bring your container in at that time, please contact your community’s management office.

How does your recycling program work?

Recyclables are picked up the same way the regular trash is, 5 days a week. The only difference is that it MUST be in a clear or blue bag (trash in the traditional white or black trash bags will always be considered garbage). You are welcome to leave non-recyclables out with recycling (separately) so long as they are in the appropriate colored bags and securely tied. However, if your community does not have a recycling dumpster, we may not be able to provide this service. Please inquire with your community’s management office if you have any questions about recycling.

What materials can (or cannot) be Recycled?

For a complete list of acceptable recycling items please check your local municipality’s guidelines. All the items on the list MUST be placed in a clear or blue bag for pickup. Please no broken glass and break-down and bundle all cardboard boxes. Large, heavy or bulk items, such as unbroken or un-bundled boxes, furniture, TVs, appliances, etc will not be collected.

Where can I get some blue recycle bags?

If recycling is important to you, we suggest purchasing recycling bags (which can be found at most grocery and home improvement stores).  Also, your leasing office may provide them.

Is there any limit to how many bags I can put out? What if all my bags do not fit inside the container?

We typically limit it to two (2) bags per night (although we try our very best to collect everything you put out, so long as it is put out with thoughtful consideration).  We ask that the second bag go on top of the open container to avoid leaks.  Please do not use grocery bags or paper bags.

I’m not home between 6-8PM what should I do?

Our service is five days a week, Sunday evening through Thursday evening.  If you are unable to put your trash out on one (or two) of our Service nights, we are happy to collect it on the following pick up day.  In some situations, unfortunately you may have to take the trash to the dumpster yourself.  If that isn’t an option for you please contact your management office.

Are you going to bill me for this service?

Nope, you will never receive a bill from us. Our services are contracted directly through property management. If you have any specific questions regarding the cost of our services, please contact your community’s management office.

I do not want valet trash; how do I cancel my service?

That’s unfortunate; we hoped you would really enjoy this service. However, since this service has been contracted by your property management for the entire community, most of the time individual residents aren’t permitted to opt out. That said, you are certainly welcome to contact your community’s management office.

I have a broken/lost/dirty trash container, and I need it fixed!

Your community’s management office has plenty of extra trash cans, please send your requests to them.

I do not want the provided container; do I have to use it?

The short answer is yes. Part of the reason this service has been so well received is because using the provided can allows your community to stay safe, clean/uniform and aesthetically pleasing. If you would like, you are welcome to transfer your trash from a can of your choosing into the provided can before placing it outside.

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