Make the Switch!

Make the switch!

WasteFreeTM: a different kind of valet trash experience

 MORE Money with WasteFreeTM!

While our competitors offer $15/door valet trash packages, WasteFreeTM valet packages start as low as $8 per door. Although a few dollars may not sound like much, if the property has 300 units, and residents are paying $25/month, that’s a savings of over $25,000 a year. Switching providers on a 3,000-unit multi-family portfolio would save you an additional $250,000 a YEAR!

You’re Going to LOVE Us

Not only does WasteFreeTM offer our signature Redundant Route SystemTM which delivers twice the service of the other guys (practically eliminating complaints from residents), we do the small things most other providers just walk away from. Face it, no one likes arriving at their property in the morning only to see mounds of trash left around their dumpster area(s), or trash still outside resident front doors. All valet trash collection team members are W2 employees, undergo thorough background and drug screening checks and participate in frequent, ongoing training. WasteFreeTM hires the kind of people you’d want on your property at night.

We Want Your Business

Because we know you’ll love our service, we’ll let you cancel ANY of our valet trash Contracts anytime, for any reason, and without any cancellation costs! In some instances, we even pay the termination fees of other providers. Once you experience a WasteFreeTM valet trash service, you’ll understand why most of our business comes from people who are unhappy with their current valet trash provider. We hear all the time, “I wish I would have switched to WasteFreeTM sooner.”

Make the switch!

Make the Decision

After a quick review of this site, some quick math and a few calls to any of our stellar references, the decision to switch to WasteFreeTM should be very clear! Although the decision-making process in the multi-family industry (at least as it relates to valet trash) is usually very slow, persistence on changing providers with upper management will pay off in spades, and you’ll be so glad you did!

Set a Date

Breaking up is hard, but when you know it needs to be done, it needs to get DONE! The hardest part of that process is putting in the notice with your existing provider and setting an “end” date. Since that process typically takes 30-days, we have more than enough time to seamlessly transition our WasteFreeTM service. Your residents never miss a day of their coveted trash service.


Immediately after our service starts, you’ll notice the WasteFreeTM difference, and you’ll love it! Managers and their maintenance staff will have more time in the day, angry residents stop calling about their trash issues, and just think about what you could do with all that additional income! Hiring WasteFreeTM will make you feel like you got a raise, any maybe with the additional income, you can!

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