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Route System

Our Redundant Route System™, or the second crew that comes by each night, typically starts around 10pm. There is no valet trash collection service Friday or Saturday nights.


ALL of our valet trash collection team members are required to have a full-time day jobs and are additional work. This ensures our members WANT to work and it shows in their work! Additionally, all of our team undergo thorough background checks and drug screens. We regularly provide additional training and evaluation of our team to ensure the highest standards.

Valet Bulk-
Collection Service

Apartment Managers know what an eyesore and what a hassle removing bulk trash from the property can be. Residents put their old mattresses, furniture and other larger items out whenever and where ever they like, and it often takes weeks for the dumpster company (or the City) to remove the items. Residents need a plan for their bulk trash items too! WasteFree™ provides a convenient monthly valet bulk-collection where we gather these items directly from each residence and take the waste offsite. No more dirty dumpster areas!


Because we are so confident anyone who experiences our valet trash service will LOVE it, all valet trash Contracts are terminable anytime, for any reason, and without any termination fees. We simply do what we say we’ll do, and if we don’t, fire us! We even provide free trash cans and replace the damaged or missing ones free of charge. WasteFree™ provides better valet trash service, peace of mind and so much more!


Pressure-washing of hallways, dumpster enclosures, trash chute rooms and any other areas where the trash is commonly left is included in most of our valet trash service packages. In the case of closed-hallway communities we gladly substitute a power-washing for a carpet cleaning. We want to keep your community WasteFree™!


Because we want your residents to enjoy and participate in this service, we distribute (free of charge) easy-to-read service guides, schedules and refrigerator magnets that make following the service rules a breeze. Additionally, we will host and pay for a fun resident party (once per year) that is fun for the whole family. Our WasteFree™ resident functions are a great way for residents to meet the people who serve them every day.

Area Trash

Trash from community mail rooms, pool areas and dog waste stations are collected (and bags are replaced as needed) each service night. Additionally, trash left around the dumpster enclosures and litter scattered around the property is cleaned up and disposed of.

Five (5)
Day Services

Our service is performed 5-days a week, Sunday evening through Thursday evening. Residents typically leave their trash out between 6pm and 8pm and our Service begins promptly at 8pm. Our Redundant Route System™, or the second crew that comes by each night, typically starts around 10pm. There is no valet trash collection service Friday or Saturday nights.

On Average
We Charge
Than Our

Our Packages


  • 5-Day Valet Collection Service
  • Free Resident Literature
  • Violation Tracking
  • Redundant Route System™ (RRS)
  • Free Trash Cans
  • Cancel Anytime without Fees
  • Two Free Pressure Wash/yr
  • Two Free Resident Function/yr
  • Mail Room, Pool and Dog Station
  • Monthly Valet Bulk-Collection
  • Trash Chute Cleaning





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