Bulk Trash Services

Bulk Trash Services

Valet Bulk Trash Collection

Large household items like mattresses and furniture left in the dumpster areas of apartment communities, particularly during move-ins and move-outs, create a hassle and an eyesore for property managers. These bulk items typically sit around for days, impede the utility of the dumpster(s) for other residents and cost a lot to remove. With our valet bulk-collection service, residents simply add their name to our collection schedule, and we come pick it up from their door, that’s it! WasteFree’s valet bulk-collection adds the value and convenience your residents are looking for.

Corporate Bulk Trash Collection

WasteFreeTM isn’t just a multi-family vendor, we offer our services to Corporate America too! Our “corporate” bulk-collection services provide all sorts of businesses a low-cost option for getting rid of their junk. Our experienced collection team members can remove old retail displays, worn out office furniture and most other large items, in and around business hours, allowing you the opportunity to focus on more important things. Let WasteFreeTM declutter your business today!

Residential Bulk Trash Collection

Whether it’s a closet or a three-car garage, everyone has an area in their home where junk seems to collect! WasteFree tackles all kinds of bulk-collection jobs, everything from removing a worn-out piece of furniture or two, garage clean-outs, even hoarding and estate related cleanups. We even help the “D-I-Yer” with cleaning up after their last home remodel project. WasteFreeTM handles it all!

With headquarters in Dallas and Houston, we offer valet trash services, bulk trash services and industrial power washing services to property managers and clients everywhere.

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