WasteFreeTM A different kind of valet trash experience.

Valet Trash the WasteFreeTM way!

Trash tends to create many unforeseen issues for managers (and management staff) of multi-family living communities.  “Valet” trash is a new amenity which allows apartment owners and managers a chance to increase their revenue by giving residents the luxury of being able to simply put their trash right outside of their front doorstep for collection.  Residents love the convenience. Owners love the additional income and increased asset value.  Managers love happy residents and clean properties.  And Maintenance personnel LOVE not dealing with trash!  The best part, our cost is only implemented as leases are signed or renewed, meaning ZERO out-of-pocket cost, so try WasteFreeTM for Free!

DOUBLE the Valet Trash Service

Our unique Redundant Route SystemTM (RRS) is the cornerstone of our valet trash service and simply means our nightly valet trash routes are performed TWICE each night, doubling the amount of service our competitors offer.  The Redundant Route System significantly reduces the number of calls and complaints into management and gives residents the value and convenience most have come to expect.  Our Redundant Route SystemTM consistently produces a 99.99% nightly satisfaction rating (often it’s 100%), and to date, we have NEVER missed a service!

How WasteFreeTM Saves You Money

WasteFreeTM’s valet trash service allows you to make money two ways:

Increases NOI (or monthly cashflow)
Increases Asset Valuation 

The additional NOI comes from the difference between what your residents pay for the service (around $25/door/month) and what we charge you (around $10/door/month), which in this example works out to an increased NOI of roughly $15/door/month.  The increase in asset valuation comes from the increase in what you could sell the property for now that you have this “new” stream of income.  Best of all, your new lease (and renewal) rate will ALWAYS outpace our cost to you, so you never have to come
“out of pocket!”

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Superior Staff and Friendly Service

At WasteFreeTM, our primary focus is finding the right people.  We know if we succeed doing that, the rest is easy.  Our hiring motto is: if you want something done, ask a busy person.  ALL our (part-time) valet trash collection team members are required to have a full-time day job and are actively looking to do “more” with their time, and it seems to show in their work!  Additionally, all valet trash collection team members are W2 employees, undergo thorough background and drug screening checks and participate in frequent, ongoing training. 

SERVICE is what we sell, trash is just how we prove it

At WasteFreeTM we know our job is simple: make your trash problems disappear and keep your residents happy.  In addition to our amazing doorstep trash collection service, WasteFreeTM’s attention to detail is what truly sets our service apart.  We tidy up dumpster areas (even if the mess was already there), pick up ALL the trash (even if a resident broke the rules), provide instant, friendly and informative resident support (even if they are really mad) and actively engage managers for ways we can improve (even if we’ve had the business a while)…all for much less than the competition, imagine that!

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Waste Free Provides Top-Rated Valet Trash Service

We were voted #1 trash removal service by tenants!

Keep your properties cleaner while increasing your apartment property income with lower rates.
Residents across America LOVE our Trash Valet Service and you will too!

Sure, WasteFreeTM can make a multi-family property more money, increase its value and decrease maintenance burdens, but residents simply don’t care about the property values, profitability or how busy the maintenance staff is. Residents always seek two things: value and convenience, that’s it, and WasteFreeTM has you covered!

In a multi-family housing boom, like the one we are currently experiencing, (due to high supply) properties compete for residents by offering mostly new or newly remodeled communities with all the new features and convenient amenities, maximizing rents (make hay while the sun is shining).  In a down market, residents are more cautious with how they spend their money and they seek the best “bang for the buck” (value). WasteFreeTM''s valet trash collection is an amenity used by everyone (almost every day), and provides a tangible, material benefit to each resident’s daily living experience.